Arizona Board of Nursing Complaints and Investigations

Arizona Board of Nursing Complaints and Investigations

Nurses facing Arizona Board of Nursing complaints or investigations may be subject to probation, suspension or revocation of their nursing license. Additionally, a nurse may have difficulty finding future employment and can even be terminated from their current position because of a complaint or investigation. This is why complaints or an investigation should be dealt with proactively. Once a nurse receives notice of a complaint or investigation it’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. This ensures the most accurate and effective response.

Allegations that may cause a nurse to face disciplinary action include:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Improper record keeping
  • Negligence
  • Physical or sexual abuse of patients
  • Reporting false information
  • Substance abuse

Learn about the disciplinary actions nurses can face due to allegations here.

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Chelle Law has defended the licenses and certificates of hundreds of professionals before Arizona licensing Boards.

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Due to the extraordinary burdens placed on nurses many fall victim to unfounded accusations and disciplinary issues. When accusations and disciplinary issues happen it’s important for the nursing community to be aware of the legal representation available to them. Nurses who find themselves victim of these unfounded accusations or disciplinary issues should contact an attorney. The regulations and administrative procedures that must be followed when defending yourself in front of the Board are complex and challenging. A qualified health care attorney experienced with Arizona Board of Nursing complaints and investigations can successfully navigate these complex issues and present the best defense possible. Whether it is the improper administration of a patient’s medication or the failure to document an order, the duties of the nursing profession place nurses in many difficult positions.

Why it’s important to have an attorney

Having an experienced attorney can help ensure the best opportunity of keeping a professional license. An unfavorable ruling can have a long lasting impact on a nurses professional career.

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