Arizona Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

As a nursing professional, we know it’s important for you to maintain a professional reputation. Chelle Law assists Arizona Certified  Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) in need of an experienced health care attorney. Our attorney’s have the experience you’re looking for and have represented hundreds of nurses before the Arizona Board of Nursing.

Legal services we offer include:

  • Licensing Board Defense. Arizona Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist’s with a pending issue before the Arizona Board of Nursing should know how important it is to have an attorney to aggressively defend your license and protect your rights.
  • Complaint/Investigation Response. Once you receive notice of complaint you should seek legal counsel immediately. This ensures the most accurate and effective response to the complaint before the Arizona Board of Nursing.
  • Criminal Reporting Requirements. Licensed health care professionals in Arizona must report nearly any criminal charge to their licensing board within ten days. We assist CRNA’s with reporting criminal charges to the board.
  • Self-report Assistance. Has an employer advised you to self-report an issue? Contact an attorney at Chelle Law. We will help you draft a thorough self-report.
  • Application and Forms Review. Applications for professional licensing that include errors or omit necessary information can lead to unnecessary delays. Having an application with errors or missing information can also lead to the denial of your application. If you’re concerned about your application it’s important to have an attorney review of your application to give you the best chance at receiving your license in a timely manner.
  • Employment Contract Review. Get a second opinion. A qualified attorney can review a proposed contract and identify potential legal problems regarding the terms and conditions.

General Complaint/Investigation Timeline:

  • The board receives a complaint and they initiate an investigation.
  • Licensee receives a Notice of Investigation.
  • A detailed response is due to the Board within 14 to 30 days
  • An interview is held with a Board investigator
  • The Board reviews the investigation at a Board Meeting
  • The Board determines if discipline is merited
  • Discipline is given or the case is dismissed
  • The licensee may appeal

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