Arizona Board of Nursing Board Meeting

Arizona Board of Nursing Board Meeting

Did you know, nurses who are accused of violations have a right to be heard at an Arizona Board of Nursing meeting? Having legal counsel who has experience during this time is vital because they can help ensure you have the best opportunity at keeping your license. They can also simultaneously help to reduce the consequences you may be facing. After all, an unfavorable ruling can have long lasting impacts on your professional career.

What will happen at the Arizona Board of Nursing board meeting?

Every two months the Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBON) meets to review current pending cases. The Board reviews investigations, administrative hearing results, applications and other matters related to the practice of nursing in Arizona. These meetings last for two days and nearly all individuals who have an attorney are heard on the first day.

The Arizona Nursing Board Meeting begins promptly at 8 a.m. with the morning session generally concluding before noon. During these meetings the Board has a set agenda and will usually hear cases in the order set forth on the agenda. You will have 5 minutes to give a presentation to the Board regarding your case. After you have presented, the Board may ask you questions or discuss the circumstances of the case with your attorney (should you be represented by one).

After the discussion, the Board will then vote on the discipline (if any) to be levied against the nurse. Once the vote is complete you will be thanked and the next case will be heard.

Will having an attorney with me at the board meeting make me look guilty?

Absolutely not. The Board understands an attorney can assist with due process and  helps to represent the interests of the licensee. The hiring of legal counsel is never viewed as an admission of guilt.

Why Shouldn’t I Represent Myself?

First ask yourself, would you represent yourself in a medical malpractice case? The answer, of course, is no you would not. Many individuals appear without legal counsel before the licensing board even though disciplinary action by a licensing board can eliminate their ability to practice!

The possibility of losing your license to practice your discipline is a very serious matter. Having an experienced attorney familiar with cases similar to yours is absolutely necessary for the best possible outcome from your Board review.

If you have been the recipient of a complaint or are set to appear at a Board Meeting, contact our law office today. The legal counsel at Chelle Law takes all necessary steps to avoid or limit discipline from accusations of unprofessional conduct. Defeating an Arizona Board of Nursing complaint begins the moment you receive one. It also requires a proactive defense from the moment of notice.