Arizona Board of Nursing Appeal Process

Receiving an unfavorable decision from the Arizona Nursing Board is always disappointing. However, there is an Arizona Board of Nursing appeal process that can benefit some nurses. According to current rules, any nurse may request an appeal to an administrative law judge with the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings.

The rules also state those who have been aggrieved by an order by the Board have 30 days to request an appeal with an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) at OAH (Office of Administrative Hearings). This can also be used to reach a settlement with the Assistant Attorney General at the Board.

Arizona Board of Nursing Appeal Process

Once the Arizona Board of Nursing receives a complaint an investigation begins. This investigation gives the Board evidence to make a decision. After the Board makes a decision  the nurse can appeal it.  From here another hearing takes place and the Board issues another decision on the case.  If the nurse still does not like the outcome they may then appeal to superior court if necessary.

Contact an attorney.

If you wish to file an appeal to having a qualified legal representative working on your behalf is critical. An attorney with experience with the Arizona Board of Nursing appeal process can help you draft the appeal and ensure  all avenues of defense are explored.

If you need assistance with an Arizona Nursing Board appeal, contact Chelle Law. We have the experience and expertise to assist those attempting to keep their license.