Substance Abuse or Diversion Accusations

What you need to know about substance abuse or diversion accusations.

It’s not uncommon for a health care professional to be accused of substance abuse or even the diversion of narcotics. It is, however, a charge that should take very seriously. If you know the substance abuse or diversion accusations against your are false, there are critical steps you should take next.

Next Steps:

  • Contact a primary care physician and request a drug screen be conducted immediately. Do not wait to get this done as a drug test taken closer to the event or allegation carries much more weight than a test taken further from the incident.
  • In anticipation of litigation, employees who have taken an employer performed drug screen should obtain their own drug screen from an independent source.
  • Health care professionals who do have a substance abuse problem¬† should seek treatment and assistance immediately. Taking the initiative and not placing patients in danger is seen favorably by most licensing boards.
  • Document everything. Keeping detailed documentation of every part of the allegation or incident is important. You can do this by listing the dates, places, and people involved.

The disciplinary actions that could be administered by the Arizona Board of Nursing are real. It’s important you take the appropriate steps. These steps can help you to avoid unjust punishment or alleviate any disciplinary action you could face. Contact Chelle Law immediately if you have been accused of substance abuse or diverting narcotics by your employer or licensing board.

To learn more about the Arizona Board of Nursing and how they define discipline click here.